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Sherlock: Back in the feelings train

NEXT STOP: London to greet Moffat and Gatiss


What can I say? To me this episode was P-E-RFECT. I completelly forgave the long hiatus just with this SWEET scene


And c’mon how does this guy just keep getting sexyer and sexyer? This is getting ridiculous. Look at this hair ruffle


And the kiss that follows is breath taking, but not gonna put it here. Don’t like Sherlock being straight with any girl other than me. Anyways… I thoght “I’m gonna write a small review” — this post is starting to get not small. After the comments, well a resume (and a nice little poem):

"John grieves

But Sherlock lives

It was all a lie


John shaves

The crime craves

The duo doesn’t die


But there’s a third

That’s absurd!

Marry Mary why?


Oh! C’mon

Forgive him John!

Then we go bye bye


It’s the end

Oh, my friend

There’s no need to cry…..”

(There’s more in just a few days and you can aways rewatch it)

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Series #8

The 8th is one that I love really much (like all the others) I think it’s one of my favorites. It’s the 8th ‘cause I started watching it last week and now I’ve finished the 1st season, I’m heartbroken, basically it occupies the 8th place because it hurt me and now I’m pissed. It is:


It’s really awesome, as I suppose you can suppose, it’s about Leonardo Da Vinci, The series mixes the known and proven history with pure fiction in such a perfect way that you don’t know what is what (and you don’t wanna find out).

Tom Riley makes such a cute and hot Da Vinci that you’ll probably fall in love


And Count Riario (Blake Ritson) is one of those adorable vilains that you just CAN’T hate


And they’re probably in love (at least the Count is) I mean LOOK AT THEM!! And Riario’s obsession for Leo has a little bit much of gay


But, they’re not the cutest couples on the show (at least that’s what I think). They are:


Oooh I’m gonna cry (again). Dear Lord, make 2014 come fast, can’t handle no Da Vinci



P.S.: “J., should I whatch it?” ABSOLUTELY YES

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#9 series

The 9th one is also one that is over (that’s why it’s #9)

It is:


Morning Upper East Siders,

Sometimes I’d go hysterical while GG’s voice would say those words that we all had memorized:

 Gossip Girl hereYour one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” You read it with her voice, didn’t you? haha

I don’t know if it was the glam


If it was Serena’s and Blair’s friendship


If it was the mystery behind who was GG (SPOILER: IT’S DAN)


If it was all the untrusting characters that you loved and/or loved to hate


Or if it was Chairimage

Or just Chuck


Maybe it was even for its quotes


But I reaaaaally loved it, I grew up watching the unstoppable mess the Upper East Siders couldn’t stop making, seeing that every girl on the show once dated Nate (it’s like a rite of passage, they could be called Nate’s-Exes Breakfast Club - maybe that’s how Dan got there), viewing GG telling everybody’s dirty dirty secrets

Oh it was lovely!

"Oh J., I don’t hink so I think it w…"


Anyway, sorry for the long post -not sorry


If you haven’t watched GG yet: watch it! But be ready to cry at the end of the journey



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#10 series

I decided to start with the last one(hahaha mystery)

It is one that I like veeeeeeeeeeery much, but it’s the last one ‘cause it got cancelled

It is (DAN DAN DAN DAN) The Borgias!!


You don’t like it? No problem. No problem at all. AT ALL.image

It’s insanely good, with its incests


Its gay assassin (that I looooove)

imageOooooh my heart was completely broken when it ended so prematurely


Showtime, you monster!

Anyway, The Borgias is really good for your entertainment, but not for your heart or feels. And I’m pretty sure it f*cked up my mind.



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Top 10 series

I’m reeeeeeeeeally addicted to series, so what could be the next top 10 other than my 10 favorites series? So be it! Let’s start.

Hope you like